Family Mediation

Bermuda Family Arbitration Procedural Rules 2019

Arbitration and mediation are both readily available options in family disputes over financial or ancillary issues. 


Arbitration can offer the following advantages: 

  • Speed - you get a decision much more quickly in arbitration than by going to court.
  • Choice of arbitrator - you choose the independent expert best suited to your situation and pocket. 
  • Choice of issues - you choose what you want the arbitrator to rule on.
  • Continuity - the same arbitrator deals with all steps in your case from start to finish.
  • Flexibility and control of procedure.
  • Confidentiality - there is no possibility of media reporting.
  • Potential cost savings - although you pay for the arbitrator, the ability to limit the issues, adapt the process and set a decision more quickly tends to reduce costs. 


The following is a list of fellows of the Institute with expertise in family law: 

Georgia Marshall

Kim White


Charlene Scott

Christina Herrero

If you wish the Bermuda Branch to appoint and arbitrator, please Click here

The Bermuda Branch has in place specific rules to help guide arbitration. Click here to view the Family Law Financial Scheme Rules Click here