Find a Resolver and Mediation & Arbitration Rules

Find a Resolver

The Bermuda Branch operates an appointments scheme for use by any party who wishes to have an Arbitrator or Mediator knowledgeable about the process and who will ensure that the appointment is carried out in a scrupulously fair manner in accordance with established rules appointed by a neutral body.

The person chosen will be the one that the Appointments’ Committee considers to have the most suitable credentials for the nature of the dispute. Suitable neutral comfortable locations are used throughout the City of Hamilton which includes the Bermuda Commercial Court and beyond, extending to other areas on the island. Please note that Bermuda time is one hour ahead of New York and four hours behind London.* Arbitrators and Mediators are forms of 'Resolver' 

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Anyone interested in exploring Arbitration or Mediation to resolve a dispute is asked to contact our organizational secretary, on:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Mediation & Arbitration Rules

To date, the following Mediation & Arbitration rules have been implemented by the Bermuda branch:   


Procedure for activating & appointing an Arbitrator:  

1. Complete application form and submit to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Payment of administrative fee $500 to be transferred. (Unless otherwise agreed by the parties - complainant & respondent, the fee is payable by the applicant. Multiple cases involving one respondent is eligible to receive a discounted rate)

3. CIArb Committee will provide a list of names of potential Arbitrators to conduct the arbitration by providing profiles of each to the Plaintiff and Respondent for consideration. 

4. CIArb Committee authorizes and activates the appointment of the Arbitrator.

5. Applicable arbitration fees paid with amount applicable depending on the set of Rules to be used.

6. Appointed Arbitrator manages the procedure and document exchange from here.  

Please note that only 'Fellow' and 'Chartered Arbitrator' members are appointed by the CIArb Bermuda branch Committee to Arbitrate disputes with the following members currently  considered:


Alex Potts KC, Fellow

Britt Smith, Fellow

Charlene Scott, Fellow

Christina Herrero, Fellow  

Delroy Duncan KC, Fellow


Georgia Marshall, Fellow


 Jeffrey Elkinson, Chartered Arbitrator

 John McKenna, Fellow


John Riihiluoma, Fellow

 John Wasty, Fellow

 Kim White, Fellow

Matthew Mason, Fellow

Saul Froomkin KC, Fellow

Steven White, Fellow

Tim Marshall, Fellow

Warren Bank, Fellow

Bios available upon request